Pearl Snap German Style Pils by Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks, from Austin, TX as you might have guessed, has created a great German pilsner with Pearl Snap, the best style of pilsner in my opinion. Even with it’s pee-yellow color this is actually a light beer I can get behind. The light but bright flavor partially comes from the fact that in general pilsners are made from only partially roasted malts. So there is no cooked grain like flavor present. But the flip-side of that is that this beer has a very fresh, almost grass-like grain character. Hops are also a big part of pilsners but unlike with IPAs, the hoppiness is subtle and the alcohol content is much lower. Pearl Snap in particular has a very welcomed hop “snap” to it, perhaps more so than most pilsners. This could be why it has the name it does. This beer would be great consumed outside on a hot summer day. The reason I have such a vendetta against light beer is that the majority of it is very bland. But if more craft brewers, who obviously take flavor seriously, make light beers like this perhaps there is hope after all. If you are a light beer drinker I would suggest checking out some of the microbrews if you haven’t already. Most now cater to all types of beer drinkers, not just beer nerds and beer snobs like me. The macros like Bud, Miller and Coors have got nothing on them.